Helpful resources to work and develop yourself


Helpful resourceshelpful resources

All helpful resources and pages that I use for doing my job and broaden horizons. I will update this page in time to time.


  • Primeportal (The best of the best! For army hardsurface and others)
  • (Huge database of guns from whole world)
  • goletadepot (Railroad references)
  • Pinterest (very good place for searching references. You make boards/folders and pin there your references for later, very usefull)
  • Artstation (For me it’s kinda nice Quality check)

3D model marketplace for computer graphics

Textures Library


  • GDC Vault (All the game industry insights, data, and trends)
  • Polycount Wiki (everything about game art)
  • (good source of valuable information about game industry)
  • FZD School (Painting demos and knowledge about the industry)

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