How I become a 3D Artist. Beginning.

how to

I was born and live in Warsaw, now im self-employed gamedev 3D Artist (ex. Techland)

since I can remember I liked to draw and do other things like that, which eventually never had the opportunity to learn well enough to be able to brag about them on the left and right: D

In short:

How to become a 3D artist by Arek Wozniak.become a 3d artist


Do not know what to do with your life, do not plan it, be a kid without idea.


Slip through all 4 class technical college of mechatronic … let’s say that I’m not proud of my ratings but I must admit that I got a decent dose of knowledge.


Work in different industries, wherever and whenever, for as long as possible.


Start studying logistic …

… Attend classes 1 (one) month and relinquish, you should firmly stick to this point.

No offense but this direction is so shallow and boring for people without any knowledge that I was unable to sit there.


Get a grip…

I went to college graphic design.

Still I can not draw well, but .. familiarized myself with 3D graphics, I thought it was a great thing and I began to develop in this direction in the coming years.


Pretend to be graphic  designer. I started working as freelancer, still during of studies, it did not last long because I found a job as a 3D Artist in Techland, which was great 🙂


Be 3D Artist!



I might add that after graduation, totally do not think that they were needed or something like that. Do not think that you will get everything on a platter, some lecturers do not have too much experience, or could not pass it to others.

I am 101% convinced that if I had spent all that time on 3D graphics, which spent much to college, much earlier would start working in the industry, but .. it does not mean that the study is not useful. I mean that contributed to my development, if not college, perhaps I never would start to get interested 3D graphics. Studies help to grow up to certain things;)

If you want to take out something from the School of Art, go to the good one. In fact in Poland there is no such.

School in this business does not give you job. Your skills give it to you.


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