Keeping self motivation in gamedev.

work harder


Work Harder.



My point of view for keeping self motivation at work in gamedev industry as 3d artist, after almost 4 years in industry.

Putting itself goals – large and small

Starting with the most important. Very important for me is putting a short- and long-wave targets. I heard about the method which assumes the long-term goals taking into account the five years. I think it is far too long. Personally, I try to keep a maximum period of 3 years. Therefore, I do not understand the questions on the recruit talks of “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”.

Of course, short-term goals are those that can for example refer to specific projects, contracts or assumption learn something. Similarly, long-term – for example, you develop your own business, buying expensive equipment, a change of scenery, travel or start new projects.

Briefly: For me, generally putting themselves goals biggest motivation to action. They are such a personal small milestones in life, which endeavor to keep most drives my little machine in my head 😉

self motivation

Learning the industry

3D graphics  and gamedev industry is changing so fast that it really should follow technology news literally every day. I am personally up to date with most new game titles, browse daily news industry and technology. Almost every day I look Artstation for inspiration and tracking of other artists.

Podcasts, articles are also commonplace in my free time. While the magazines are currently seems outdated in relation to the Internet. Whenever read it, I get the feeling that somewhere I already seen / read before the Internet and therefore I stopped to interest in it.

All this is very important to me, almost as a daily ritual. I follow various artists and their publications and try to draw conclusions from their work. Learn from their mistakes, thinking about what I would do in a particular case.

self motivation

Don’t give up!

Believe in yourself and in it that you succeed in reach your goals!

What is very, very important for me – be critical in relation to my work and share it with other people. Try to improve it as far as the resulting feedback. Often that is thrown something in the network, and people do not do nothing but rave about it. I do not always expect this. it’s nice to get constructive feedback and then apply it, for example in my future work. This very strongly develops the workshop and aesthetics work.

self motivation

10k hours rule.

The popular rule of 10 000 hours. If not known should take note of it.

It assumes good practice in the field by 10k hours to become an expert in your field. (That’s about 90 minutes per day for 20 years or about 8 hours work per day for 3.5 year) Since the method is quite old, personally it seems to me that in the Internet age. You can achieve a lot quicker but it obviously depends on everything from human skills to absorb the new things.

In practice, if you are working in the industry for quite a number of hours, 10k hours is a drop in the ocean 🙂


One more thing…

Try new things, grow in different directions. Do not get stuck on one. It is very important to keep the flow.

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