Portfolio management – How to make your art was noticed?

Portfolio management

Portfolio management

How to make your art was noticed? No matter if your work is awesome, crappy or still “work in progress”. Basically it’s  all about selling yourself online.


  • luminaire (color tone, composition and post-process
  • description (or your openness to criticism)
  • target (sharing with community what is interrested in)

If we will continue to publish our work, our portfolio will start to grow. It is worth noticing that there contained the best of our work in the amount of 12-20 work. Of course, some artists even just a lot less, but they must be The Top Notch work.


  • Artstation is the best platform for artists to showcase their work and engage with the community.

  • 3DTotal It is very valuable if you can get your work on 3DTotal because they only pick the best work to add to their galleries.

  • Facebook: Follow your favorite artists, share your work on your page and art groups such as:

    • Ten Thousand Hours: This is the best facebook group for 3D artists at the moment. It’s very active, and you could find all the top artists here.
  • Twitter same idea as Facebook

  • Linkedin is a platform for professionals, and recruiters use Linkedin a lot. It is a good idea to post your work here.

  • Polycount is the best forums for game artists. The community is super nice and helpful. You could find a lot of helpful resources on their wiki page.

  • CG Plus is an alternative for Artstation.

  • 3DArtist posting your work here to have a chance to get your work featured on 3D Artist Magazine.

  • Sketchfab the best place and the only place to share and embed interactive 3D files.

  • Your WebSite – of course if you have one.



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